Why Digital Marketing Goals Are Most Important This Year

4 reasons why you need digital marketing goals

Without a digital marketing goal, you are directionless and working on lofty objectives that don’t align with your business goals. With the increase in the internet proliferation rate due to COVID-19, it’s not the right time to lose your balance in the digital world. Now, more than ever, you need a digital marketing strategy to […]

5 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Important

Video and marketing go hand in hand. From TV-based commercials in 1960 to YouTube, Snapchat, and even Facebook live have given marketers are trusted and shareable medium. Video marketing has begun to develop its root in the digital world, and consumers are more interested in motion graphics than static pictures. Here are five reasons why […]

Boost Your Sales – Social Media Strategies for Holiday Marketing

A girl standing in front of a wall discussing Social media marketing strategies for holiday marketing

Social media is a guilty pleasure, and marketers are going all out with their tactics to capture leads through social media. However, not all best social media strategies bear fruits. Some social media plans fail before they even start, and the rest show no significant result. According to ecmetricts, most social media strategies fail because […]

Have You Adjusted Your Social Media Ad Strategy in Response to COVID-19?

The ongoing public health crisis and resulting lockdown orders caused by COVID-19 continue to influence society in unprecedented ways. One of the most noticeable lately has been a dramatic shift in consumer shopping habits. While the economy may be in trouble due to millions of Americans being forced home from work and businesses closing across […]

The Importance of Customer Testimonials in Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies have evolved over the years, and in today’s culture, customer testimonials play a more critical role than ever. Modern consumers are savvier with their research and purchases and are more trusting of other consumers than marketers. Testimonials provide the consumer with actual feedback from real customers, in their own words. These customer testimonials […]

The Internet’s Bully Pulpit

My company hasn’t abandoned Facebook or Twitter…Yet! I wonder if you’re seeing the same thing I am; Incredible technology gone awry. Social media once connected us to people, news, brands, and events in ways we had previously not experienced. And it was good. It was cool. It was productive. Then it changed. I don’t know […]

The Importance of Consistency in Your Brand Voice

One of the most critical rudimentary aspects of marketing is defining your brand voice. Your goal should be to have a solid voice and tone in the content you produce so that your audience can easily identify your content as your brand. The key to achieving this goal is to maintain consistency in the content […]

Marketing Effectively During the COVID-19 Crisis

The ongoing health crisis due to the Coronavirus pandemic has reshaped American life in many ways. While the future may remain uncertain for the time being, it’s important to continue making connections with target customers during this difficult time.

How Can Videos Do Wonders For Your Social Media?

Social media thrives on video content these days, and there are good reasons for the same.

Did you know 85 percent of internet users in the US saw online video content every month from any of their devices? Moreover, about 54 percent of consumers wanted to see

The Benefits of Brand Videos That Every Business Owner Should Know

Did you know that 85 percent of internet users in the US consumed online video content every month from any of their devices? Yes, that’s true. Moreover, last year, about 54 percent of consumers wanted to see more videos, meaning that the demand for this form…