How Can Videos Do Wonders For Your Social Media?

Social media thrives on video content these days, and there are good reasons for the same. Did you know 85 percent of internet users in the US saw online video content every month from any of their devices? Moreover, about 54 percent of consumers wanted to see

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Social media thrives on video content these days, and there are good reasons for the same.

Did you know 85 percent of internet users in the US saw online video content every month from any of their devices? Moreover, about 54 percent of consumers wanted to see more videos last year.

If you’re still wondering about whether or not you should fold in videos for your social media marketing, then here are a few points that justify their use:


Tells your brand’s story

Your brand rises to success only when its story comes to light. Social media videos generate 12x more shares than text and images combined. Moreover, 45 percent of people watch more than an hour of videos on Facebook or YouTube per week. As such, videos that communicate your brand’s story can be an excellent way to maximize the benefits from social media marketing. You can upload a video that highlights your mission and garners support. After all, it’s all about giving your brand a face and making it more personable.


Creates a greater impact on viewers

Did you know consumers retain 95 percent of a brand’s message when they see it in a video, as opposed to a mere 10 percent when they read it in text? Moreover, did you know 72 percent of customers prefer to learn about a product or service by video?

Looking at these staggering numbers, it becomes clear that brands are more likely to grab eyeballs on social media if they use video content. Videos tend to have a striking, long-lasting impact on viewers and push them to take action. They are also an excellent medium to boost the memorability of your message.


Boosts profit figures

According to Animoto’s 2018 State of Social Video: Consumer Trends report, 93 percent of marketers claim they have landed a new customer because of social media videos. At the same time, 88 percent of marketers are satisfied with the return on investment (ROI) of their video-based marketing on social media.

With greater brand awareness and trust, companies can use video to get more qualified leads that convert to actual customers. As such, brands can get their sales revenue and ultimately their profits, soaring if they leverage the engaging power of videos for their social media campaigns.

These are just a few of the many ways brand videos can boost your social media marketing efforts. You must incorporate them in your promotional mix to take your brand a notch higher.


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