Have You Adjusted Your Social Media Ad Strategy in Response to COVID-19?

The ongoing public health crisis and resulting lockdown orders caused by COVID-19 continue to influence society in unprecedented ways. One of the most noticeable lately has been a dramatic shift in consumer shopping habits. While the economy may be in trouble due to millions of Americans being forced home from work and businesses closing across the country, many Americans continue to shop and do business digitally. It’s vital to know how this new change will influence your digital marketing efforts in the near future.

Spend Your Marketing Budget More Wisely

Right now, most of America is stuck working from home. Parents are managing their kids’ cyber-schooling while juggling their remote work responsibilities, and countless Americans are taking advantage of online shopping for the things they need every day. This means you may need to adjust your marketing focus to account for this massive shift toward digital commerce. Spending more on social media ads amid the pandemic is a very potent marketing tactic now. More people are spending more time online than usual, so now is your chance to reach them and demonstrate the value your brand offers.

Recent Changes You Should Know

The pandemic forced many companies to switch up their operations. Facebook’s personalized ads, Instagram shopping, the ad platform of LinkedIn have all undergone significant changes in the past year during the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown. If you advertise on any social media channels right now, you should look carefully for the recent changes those platforms have announced in response to the pandemic. You may have overlooked opportunities to stretch your social media marketing budget further and reach a whole new market sector.

Capitalizing on Your Social Media Ads

Once you complete your research into the recent social media changes, you can start honing your marketing strategy more carefully and with greater precision. Keep a few tips in mind as you revise your strategy:

Experiment with multimedia. Photo and video ads tend to gain more traction across social media than typical posts. Try creating new ads that incorporate compelling imagery.

Develop collection or carousel ads. Facebook and other social media platforms may allow you to create animated or interactive ads. These are great opportunities to display multiple products and services and gain attention from a broader range of potential customers.

Review your social media engagement data. Are you accustomed to your social media followers engaging with your brand in a certain way? This may have changed after COVID-19, so review your web traffic and social media marketing success over recent months and look for opportunities and trends that appear.

Changing your social media marketing strategy during uncertain times can seem risky, but changing it the right way can have a profound impact on your business. Radvine Marketing can help you develop a new social media marketing campaign that takes full advantage of all the recent changes enacted on Facebook, Instagram, and the other leading social media platforms. Contact us today to find out how our team can help you refine your social media marketing strategy.






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