Marketing Effectively During the COVID-19 Crisis

The ongoing health crisis due to the Coronavirus pandemic has reshaped American life in many ways. While the future may remain uncertain for the time being, it’s important to continue making connections with target customers during this difficult time.

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The ongoing health crisis due to the Coronavirus pandemic has reshaped American life in many ways. While the future may remain uncertain for the time being, it’s important to continue making connections with target customers during this difficult time. It’s essential to change up your approach and connect with customers by showing compassion and understanding while also conveying the value of your products and services.

Consumers Are Engaging With Retailers Differently

Most of the country remains on lockdown orders. Most state governments have enacted travel restrictions that do not allow nonessential travel. This can make it difficult for many companies that rely on foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar stores to make sales. There is also a heavy push toward ecommerce as delivery services work hard to get Americans the products they need.

Focus on Social Media

As more people remain at home and lack their typical social interaction, they are turning to social media with greater force. This presents a valuable opportunity to connect with them on a personal level. If you need to refocus your marketing efforts, social media should be a priority since people are spending much more time online due to the pandemic.

Retrain Your Marketing Team

Since many of your usual marketing avenues may be ineffective while the COVID-19 crisis continues, you could potentially use this time to retrain your marketing team to take new approaches to your marketing goals. Have them enhance their skillsets and learn new marketing strategies that focus on making online connections with customers. This could also be a good time to implement new technologies and train your marketing team on how to use them effectively.

Don’t Panic

During uncertain times, most people want to connect with brands that offer value and understanding. Many people have lost their jobs and are unsure about their financial futures, so they are more discerning about their purchasing choices for now. Keep this in mind and adjust the tone of your marketing messages to convey compassion rather than pressure.
Radvine Marketing offers a wide range of digital marketing services. The crisis and consequences of this pandemic are still unfolding. We can advise you how to best leverage your brand power during this difficult time. Contact us today for more information.



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