The Key Elements of Effective Web Design: User Interface

Did you know that 79% of all web users exit a brand’s website in seconds when they are unhappy with the brand’s web design? Here’s more alarming news - mobile users are 5X more likely to do this if websites aren’t properly optimized for mobile. When it comes...

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Did you know that 79% of all web users exit a brand’s website in seconds when they are unhappy with the brand’s web design? Here’s more alarming news – mobile users are 5X more likely to do this if websites aren’t properly optimized for mobile.

When it comes to how successful a website is in getting customers and visitors, everything depends on effective web design and in particular, the user interface.

User interface refers to all those elements which have been implemented into the website, to make the website more aesthetic, more functional and more appealing to the visitor. They are the points where the visitor interacts directly with the website. For example, a chat box, predictive text, relevant buttons/links to internal and external content, etc.

A poor user interface can ruin the brand’s chances of getting their hands on valuable leads and conversions. Brands hoping to get a strong footing in the online world need to better their UI features immediately.


Five reasons why great UI is important for your business


It can help you source new business

Poor UI can encourage visitors to leave your website and go to sites owned by competitors. This can have a massive impact on your conversion rate. Good UI, on the other hand, can encourage call-backs and sales.


It can help retain customers

High responsiveness is a characteristic of a good UI. If your website is interactive, informative and easy-to-use, then there are lesser chances of your existing customers becoming disgruntled and seeking out a new product/service provider.


It can lower website maintenance costs significantly

Bad UI can cause problems like longer page-load times, wrong redirects, 404 errors, poor mobile optimization, etc. To rectify these, brands need to spend time and money in recording and documenting problems, set up mechanisms to identify these bugs in advance, training staff to fix these problems quickly and maybe even re-design & re-deploy the website if the need arises.

All of these can really rake up the expenses for your business.


It can help your employees be more productive

When your website UI is terrible, your employees need to step in and do work which the UI was actually designed to do. This means they have lesser time to perform their actual duties, which may ultimately lead to backlogs and bottlenecks.


How can you better your website UI?

An engaging and entertaining user interface can do wonders for your business. But setting up a specialized team to work on your website UI can be time-consuming and as you know, lost time equals lost business in this competitive landscape.

So, why don’t you contact the team at RadVine Marketing to help you with your website? Our specialists can create an effective web design with a superb user interface in no time.


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