Location Targeting Customers with Geo-Fencing and Geo-Framing

Your customer just walked into the competitor’s store. Wouldn’t it be great if you could call them right now and tell them about the special you’re offering? Or maybe it’s been a while since the customer shopped with you and they just walked past your...

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Your customer just walked into the competitor’s store. Wouldn’t it be great if you could call them right now and tell them about the special you’re offering? Or maybe it’s been a while since the customer shopped with you and they just walked past your location. It would be the perfect time to capture their attention, if only you had known. Find out how you can use geo-fencing and geo-framing to attract those nearby with location-based advertising.


What is Geofencing?

Geofencing uses global positioning and radio frequency identification to find users and send them texts, marketing emails, and app notifications. As users walk by a store, they get an alert that there’s a deal nearby so they are more likely to stop in and shop. It can also link them to an online store so they can see offers and make purchases using their mobile device.


Geoframing Overview

Geoframing lets you target around a specific location. If you sell sports equipment, offer online advertising near sports facilities and athletic supply stores. If you want to keep from losing clients to competitors, select the area around their locations and offer your most alluring deals before they walk in the other business’s door.

How does it work? Each device has a unique ID. When you select your target area and enter a date range, geoframing accesses data on all the devices that passed through that location within the range. It then sends advertising to their mobile devices. In many cases, mobile is registered to a home address, so it’s possible to send advertising there as well.


What’s the Difference?

Although the geofencing and geoframing both involve sending advertising to a specific location, they have some distinct differences. Here’s what you need to know about geofencing:

· Users have to opt in to receive notifications.

· The service uses cell towers to find users.

· Geofencing only sends content when users are near the designated location in real-time.

· Once users leave the area, they don’t get any more ads.


Geoframing is different in the following ways:

· Users get ads when they search the internet. They don’t have to opt in.

· Location is specified to the squared meter.

· Geoframing accesses home information and sends further material to that address.

· It can target users in real time or send advertising to visitors from up to six months in the past.

Radvine Strategies always offers the most up-to-date marketing tactics. Contact us to find out how you can draw more clients to your business.



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